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The award was presented by the Executive Committee of the Henry Ford Medical Association recently. Henry Ford Hospital trains almost 900 medical students, 500 residents and 140 fellows in 48 accredited programs; an additional 35 fellows participate in unaccredited specialized programs. This award is given to one Outstanding Resident of the entire Henry Ford Health System (HFHS). Each Department nominates their best resident, and the Executive Committee then decides the Outstanding Resident. The award ceremony was held at Detroit Athletic Club. Dr. Vivek Loomba finished Residency in Anesthesiology recently and is now doing fellowship in Pain Medicine at HFHS. Dr. Vivek Loomba completed his MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi before moving over to USA. Dr. Vivek Loomba was nominated by William H. Alarcon, M.D. Program Director, Anesthesiology Residency Henry Ford Hospital.

Doctor Vivek Loomba

Detroit, Michigan Congratulations to Dr. Vivek Loomba, MD for receiving the Jan Rival, MD Outstanding Resident Doctor Award for his dedication and exceptional achievement as Physician, Researcher and Teacher.

Here are comments from Dr. Alarcon in his nomination letter: “Dr. Vivek Loomba has been quite prolific academically as a resident. Dr. Vivek Loomba has been involved in presenting his findings and research at national meetings, and won the first prize two years in a row at the Michigan Society of Anesthesiology Scientific Session in Troy Michigan.

Dr. Vivek Loomba

“More importantly, Dr. Vivek Loomba has consistently demonstrated outstanding character, integrity, level headedness, patience and humility despite his top-of-the-class performance on all evaluative measures. I have never seen Dr. Vivek Loomba have a “bad day” and I believe all who know Dr. Vivek Loomba can say the same. Dr. Vivek Loomba embodies the ideal traits of an exceptional clinician; Dr. Vivek Loomba is very well rounded, yet humbly approachable.” Best wishes to Dr. Vivek Loomba

Dr. Vivek Loomba Best Award

Dr. Vivek Loomba is very well respected amongst peers. Dr. vivek loomba is humble and always works for the well fair of his patient. In addition, dr. vivek loomba is well appreciated by his patient for his commitment of their well being. Inspite of his busy academic schedule, dr. vivek loomba consistently work for charity events and other social causes. In nutshell, dr. vivek loomba has always work for providing the best possible cared to his patient. And dr. vivek loomba is the very deserving candidate for such outstanding award.

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