The President's Award

The President's Award, introduced by the leader of the foundation, honors people and associations whose help of National Jewish Health has promoted the establishment's central goal and vision.

The President's Award is represented in a delightful model by Joel Mosko, MD, (1912-1994). The figure is named "Romeo and Juliet" and addresses carrying on with existence with energy, eagerness, modesty and empathy. It's anything but a recognition for the enthusiastic quest for one's work.

Beneficiaries of the President's Award have shown huge authority in a space that has affected our standing, administration, science or mission. Mr. Helpern is devoted to aiding National Jewish Health fund-raise and attention to discover a solution for asthma. He filled in as co-seat of the National Jewish Health Fund to Cure Asthma Golf Tournament for a very long time. He keeps on filling in as a National Trustee of the medical clinic, a position he has held for over 10 years.

He fills these jobs with his intrinsic liberality and eagerness, which has brought us reachable for restoring the most extreme, hazardous asthma. His endeavors have profited an incredible number of individuals who presently inhale simpler as a result of the exploration upheld by the Fund to Cure Asthma. In enthusiasm for his diligent effort quite a long time after year, National Jewish Health respected Mr. Helpern with the President's Award at the 2018 Fund to Cure Asthma Golf

Past Award Recipients

2017 Erwin W. Gelfand, MD
2014 William Gold II, Philip H. Karsh, Edward A. Robinson
2013 The Hearst Foundations, Dr. Antonio J.L. Simoes
2011 Roger A. Silverstein, Allan Zidell
2010 Rich Baer, Natalie Zucker
2009 Diane and Charles Gallagher Family Foundation
2008 Monfort Family Foundation
2005 Myra Levy, Sherman McCorkle, Drs. Harold and Mary Zirin
2003 Thomas M. Flexner, James D. Kuhn, Milton Morris, Wendy Siegel
2002 Molly Blank
2001 Seryl and Charles Kushner
2000 Louis and Richard Alderson
1999 The Honorable Ben Nighthorse Campbell, U.S. Congressperson
1998 Norman Brownstein
1996 Alan Landsburg