$8 Billion Award Granted In Risperdal Lawsuit

The honor was given out Tuesday by a Philadelphia jury. The offended party's lawyers contended that the medication is connected to strange development of female bosom tissue in young men, the Associated Press revealed.

A claim over the antipsychotic drug Risperdal has prompted a $8 billion reformatory harms grant against Johnson and Johnson and one of its auxiliaries.

The claim was documented by a Maryland man, Nicholas Murray, who sued the organization in 2013. He said that he developed bosoms — a condition known as gynecomastia — after he started utilizing Risperdal in 2003, at age 9, to treat manifestations of chemical imbalance. The claim blamed Janssen for neglecting to caution specialists about Risperdal's dangers while inappropriately promoting it as a treatment for certain psychological wellness issues in youngsters.

In an explanation, lawyers Tom Kline and Jason Itkin said Johnson and Johnson utilized a coordinated plan to make billions of dollars while unlawfully advertising and advancing the medication.